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Marie-Josée Tardif,
Vision Keeper.

Perhaps you’ve long believed that the outside world is more powerful than your inner world ?
If you’re ready to find out otherwise, then …

… Welcome home !

Feeding the sacred fire

Your presence is what fuels my sacred fire. Thank you for allowing me to be the blessed witness to the first sparks of RENEWAL in your eyes.

An ancestral heritage

For so long and so patiently, the world’s first peoples have waited for the time in which we are now immersed.

Among the Anicinape First Nation (the tradition to which I belong), among the Mohawk, Maori and Mayan peoples, I have heard prophecies that mysteriously coincide :

” One day, these prophecies essentially say, after interminable difficulties for our peoples, the white man will come knocking at our door. Having lost his balance, he will ask us to talk to him about our vision of the world, our relationship with the Earth and the Cosmos. Then the time will come for reconciliation between us. And if the white man makes the right choices, humanity will be propelled into a great movement of transformation and rebirth.”

Spirituality according to the First Peoples

The Red Path

Commonly referred to as the “red path”, the path of the heart… This is the spiritual path followed by North America’s indigenous peoples since the dawn of time. It’s on this path that I walk alongside Elder T8aminik Rankin.
Grand-father T8aminik is a hereditary chief and medicine man in the Anicinape tradition of Canada. I’m happy to learn from him and protect his vision, following in the footsteps of those who paved the way before us.

Transmission for self-knowledge

An authentic and transformative experience

In person

Workshops and conferences for all.
In Europe and Canada.

At home

Publications and online resources.
Books, online courses, retreats and guided meditations.

In the workplace

Conferences and workshops in the workplace
Ancestral wisdom for tomorrow’s world

Books on personal development and indigenous cultures

They Called Us Savages

A vibrant testimony to life, respect, forgiveness and healing.

La Leçon de sitar ou l’art de vibrer de toutes ses cordes

Discover what vibrates within you and manifest it in a unique way. (In French only)

La Médecine des animaux

Boxed set of medicine cards and book on the precious teachings of animals. (In French only)

Kina8at and the Dominique Rankin Foundation


Promoting cultural reconnection by renewing ancestral memory among Indigenous peoples. Sharing Indigenous cultures with all, in the spirit of reconciliation.

Dominique Rankin Foundation

To provide the world’s indigenous peoples with healing and wellness programs based on their cultures and traditions. To protect, revitalize and share this heritage.

Committees and Councils

Marie-Josée sits on various committees and collaborates with national and international organizations such as these.

What role do emotions play in the healing process ?

They play an enormous role ! It goes without saying that “positive” emotions are a source of well-being. We need to cultivate them because they are the expression of the sacred fire that burns within us, which is then reflected in our external world.

“Negative” emotions are often linked to past wounds and traumas. They should be seen as signals showing us the way back to our true needs. We often imagine the native medicine man or woman spending his or her time preparing herbal remedies. But indigenous knowledge of well-being is much more holistic. Traditional medicine men and women see not the disease, but the healing movement to which life invites us. They focus first and foremost on emotional wounds, as this is always what obstructs our vital energy. They then provide us with the guidance we need to dance more effectively with life, as the joyful warriors we fundamentally are. In this process of self-knowledge, we’re taught to slow down and let go of the mind, to tune in to our innermost being, where all the answers and the joy of living lie.

How can I be accompanied by Marie-Josée Tardif ?

Marie-Josée offers a range of resources to help you grow and feel less alone on your journey to self-knowledge. Throughout the year, she offers a wide range of online courses and retreats, most often in the company of Grandfather T8aminik.

On-site programs are offered in Quebec (most often at the Centre Kina8at, North of Montreal), but also in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. In fact, T8aminik and Marie-Josée spend several months a year in Europe as part of their work.

They work with any group of individuals on a personal journey, but T8aminik and Marie-Josée also work in professional environments such as Canadian federal and provincial departments, or with various groups of leaders and managers.

In parallel, Marie-Josée is currently developing a series of audio resources that include online journeys, guided meditations and relaxations, audio books and guided retreats.

How can I be accompanied by T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin?

Together with Marie-Josée, Grand-father T8aminik regularly offers conferences and workshops in Quebec and around the world (see previous question for details).

A few years ago, Grandfather had a little more time to receive people for individual care. Over the years, however, his schedule has grown considerably, and he now devotes his time to group teaching.

He is also responsible for his own succession, as well as for the development of his foundation and the Kina8at organization. You’d be amazed at how his agenda fills up months in advance, and the boundless energy with which he tackles the task despite his advancing age !

To find out more about Elder T8aminik: www.dominiquerankin.ca