Books on personal development and indigenous wisdom

When I decided to leave the world of TV news, my first big challenge was to believe in myself enough to take up writing. A dream come true, thanks in no small part to the duo T8aminik and I formed.

They say you teach best what you most need to learn? I can say that I needed to learn about betrayal and forgiveness, destructive relationships and healing the heart. I lost myself in an existence that didn’t suit me until I chose to honor my sacred fire. I gave my power to others for a long time before discovering my own power… In short, I intensely learned to love myself, to be loved and “to become love”.

So here’s what these books are about, in the hope that they may in turn help you in your own learning process.

Getting to know yourself better and reconciling with yourself

ou l’Art de vibrer de toutes ses cordes

Un guide pour que ta vie devienne l’expression du feu sacré qui brûle en toi.

Cette version révisée et augmentée de La Leçon de Sitar résume la démarche qui a mené Marie-Josée à opérer un virage majeur dans sa vie. Malgré une carrière prestigieuse de journaliste en télévision, elle a intensément cherché son véritable chemin. La méthode qui en a découlé vous aidera, à votre tour, à identifier vos cordes maîtresses et mieux comprendre vos cordes sensibles.

Truffé d’exercices pratiques, cet ouvrage vous permettra de plonger en vous-mêmes, à la recherche du beau et du vrai, pour que vous puissiez enfin manifester la vie pour laquelle vous êtes fait.

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    Indigenous wisdom of acceptance and forgiveness


    By Marie-Josée Tardif and Dominique Rankin
    Finalist 2022
    for the Governor General’s Literary Awards

    A powerful and pacifying account of life, in an age marked by conflict, natural disasters, the denunciation of sexual abuse and the fight against racism.

    T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin is one of Canada’s last hereditary chiefs. Born in the forests of northwestern Quebec, his training as a young medicine man began at the age of seven, culminating fifty years later with his induction into the Circle of Elders.

    A survivor of the terrible Indian residential school era, T8aminik delivers a vibrant testimony to life, respect, forgiveness and healing.

    A finalist in the prestigious Governor General’s Literary Awards in 2022, this book is now published in English by Vidacom Publishing. It was first published in French under the title On nous appelait les Sauvages, from Éditions le Jour.

    It is also available in Italian under the title La profezia dei 7 fuochi, from Amrita Publishing.

    On Amazon

    On Amazon

    What animals and the medicine wheel teach us

    LA MÉDECINE DES ANIMAUX (In French only)

    Boxed set of medicine cards and booklet on the precious teachings of forest animals.
    Éditions Véga.

    For the first time, Anicinape hereditary chief Dominique Rankin reveals the oral teachings on Animal Medicine that have been passed down for generations among his people. Whether furry or scaly, winged or crawling, animals have something to teach us. They all have a role to play. They talk to us about our pain, both physical and psychological, and help us through their medicine. Accompanied by his grandson Noten, Grandfather Dominique takes you on a journey of initiation to meet the spirits of the forest.

    On Amazon

    • 44 beautifully illustrated cards
    • 280-page full-color booklet
    • A beautifully decorated cotton bag to protect your cards

    Co-authors :

    • Dominique Rankin
    • Marie-Josée Tardif
    • Marie Caiazzo

    Illustrations :

    • Amélie Clavier

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