Online resources for personal development

The KITAKINAN online journey proposed by La Solution est en Vous

Would you like to experience a path of transformation with Grandpa T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin and Marie-Josée, no matter where you live on our beautiful planet?

Thanks to their association with La Solution est en Vous, you can begin a powerful path of transformation through the Kitakinan journey. High-quality video teachings are shared with you every two weeks. These can then be deepened through live encounters where it’s possible to exchange with them.

The Kitakinan course lasts three months. It focuses more on personal transformation in connection with healing Mother Earth.

You can register for the Kitakinan course at any time.

Find out more about and register for the KITAKINAN course:

Feeding the sacred fire

For a long time, I suffered in front of all those microphones where I didn’t feel like myself. Today, I love microphones! They’ve come back into my life in an eminently creative way, thanks to the magic of new technologies.

Thinking about the tools for personal transformation that have helped me the most, and the medicines that move me the most, I began to imagine these online resources, created for you with passion.

Your presence is what fuels my sacred fire. Thank you for allowing me to be the blessed witness to the first sparks of RENEWAL in your heart.

Online resources coming soon