What is the Kina8at Organization and the Dominique Rankin Foundation?

About Kina8at and the Dominique Rankin Foundation

Founded by grandfather T8aminik and Marie-Josée, Kina8at and the Foundation bring people together in reconciliation and the joy of sharing among all nations. Thousands of people have been touched and transformed over the years, through the many activities they offer around the world.

Working together for indigenous peoples

The word Kina8at (pronounced “Kinawat”) means “together” in the Anicinape (Algonquin) language.
This word sums up the mission of this Quebec-based indigenous non-profit organization:

  • Foster cultural reconnection by renewing ancestral memory among First Nations peoples
  • Share indigenous cultures with all, in the spirit of reconciliation

Kina8at’s values respect the ancestral values handed down by indigenous elders for millennia: reconciliation, sharing, transmission, connection and authenticity.

Kina8at is also a thriving cultural center nestled in the Laurentian Mountains, some 100 km north of Montreal.

The Dominique Rankin Foundation

The Dominique Rankin Foundation has a mission similar to that of Kina8at, but on an international scale. Three key words guide its action:

  • HEAL: Offer indigenous peoples healing and wellness programs based on their cultures and traditions
  • SHARE: Share indigenous cultures with all, and work actively towards reconciliation in all its forms.
  • PROTECT: Protect and revitalize Indigenous philosophy, heritage, languages, medicine and arts.