Who is Marie-Josée Tardif?

We’d have to give you a title, Marijo“, I was told during the preparation of these pages. What an impossible task for someone like me, who one day chose to radically abandon labels and conventions!

When I embarked on the path of traditional indigenous medicine, I finally confessed to my guide, hereditary chief T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin, that I couldn’t see myself one day becoming like him, who loves accompanying people in healing the body, who is interested in plant medicine or who has no trouble conducting large ceremonial ceremonies, for example.

I could see myself falling even less into the fascination of what some people call “shamanic powers” (which is not at all what T8aminik offers either). « “But you mustn’t try to become like me, Marijo,” he retorted with a smile. “To each his and her own medecine!” »

Support for personal development

So, what are these famous medicines that characterize me?
In a nutshell, you could say that I’m into all the elements that make up the medicine of our innermost being.

More than ever, human beings are under pressure from the outside world. It’s a joy for me to experience and help others experience this reversal, which means that we first rely on our inner world, and then dance with life in the outer world.

Everyone teaches and bears witness according to their own personal quest. Like many people, I was initially attracted by the spectacular side of certain forms of spirituality, but something inside drove me to demand the crème de la crème, the greatest wisdom masters around the world. Through their contact, I came to the conclusion that what I was really looking for was not knowledge or superhuman powers, but true peace, profound joy, connection with the Great Mystery…

Today, my spiritual path is rooted in a specific tradition, that of the Anicinape people of North America. My approach is also based on universal principles discovered in the world’s great spiritual traditions. This has provided me with solid reference points and even greater assurance in relation to what I find in the indigenous teachings.

The 7 levels of the deep river within

Over the years, my connection with what I like to call “the deep river within” has become wider and wider, and extraordinarily nourishing. It has been built up in several phases, which have become the foundations of what I have to offer :

1 - Understanding that life is all movement and transformation.

Building a new sense of security rooted in interiority. This is the invaluable teaching of the Medicine Wheel.


2 - Discover how much we are loved and guided by that part of us that is greater than ourselves.

In my case, dream medicine and the magic of synchronicity have proved to be invaluable allies. Today, I love guiding people in their understanding of the medicine of dreams.


3 - Make our lives an expression of our sacred fire and true being.

For a long time now, I've been helping people discover what vibrates within them, and I encourage them to make it happen it in their own unique way. I develop this theme in my book La Leçon de sitar ou l'Art de vibrer de toutes ses cordes.


4 - Finding freedom in the dynamic of the Feminine and Masculine.

Discover our relational defense mechanisms and better understand our relationships. Feel the middle ground and learn to see ourselves through when our qualities fall into excess or lack of tension. We explore this question in particular in the Parcours Kiwetan.


5 - Realize that the more we fight against the "black wolf inside us", the stronger it becomes.

Instead of running away from it, we learn to listen to it and nurture it. With the "Black Wolf/White Wolf" approach, we can turn our greatest suffering into our greatest strength.

6 - Vision of abundance, creative vision

With Turtle Medicine, we surrender more and more to the power of gestation. The turtle lets go. It knows how to welcome life's gifts.

7 - All this leads to an increasingly free energy of life, an increasingly open heart

With our life force energy less and less obstructed, we learn to let ourselves be carried along, but also to plunge into the heart of our deep river within, where we can dance with what is and taste what we call joy without cause.

Step by step on your personal path

Vision Keeper was born of my motivation to help you access the deep river within, the field where we can receive the vision of all possibilities; the space where we can learn from life, experience our metamorphosis and enjoy the enchantment of creativity.

All possibilities lie dormant within each of us. And that starts with VISION. I’ll be happy to act as a guardian of YOUR vision, as a reminder to yourself when your own gaze feels like wavering a little and when it’s obstructed by the wounds of the past. A guardian of the most beautiful thing you have to give back to the world.